OBCOL: Organelle Based Colocalisation

Image Sets

Warning! The some of the pre-releases of the 1.45 update to ImageJ seemed to cause OBCOL problems.

The current release of 1.45 seems to be ok now, but please let us know if you experience problems.

If you OBCOL has been fully tested on ImageJ versions 1.41, 1.43 or 1.44.

Please reference:

Automated organelle-based colocalisation in whole cell imaging, B. Woodcroft, L. Hammond, J. Stow & N. Hamilton, Cytomerty A, 75(11), 941-950.

if you find OBCOL useful in your research.

The OBCOL user manual may be found here.

OBCOL is distributed as an ImageJ plugin. To install it, please agree to the software license and then dowload and copy the jar file into your ImageJ plugins folder.

The software under the GPLv3 license, a copy is included in the distribution or you can read it here here. The essence is that OBCOL is free for use for academic non-commercial purposes, and no responsibility is accepted for consequences of its use.

To download the OBCOL please read and agree to the licence.

(c) 2009 Nicholas Hamilton. All rights reserved.